You have nothing to lose. Really?

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“You have nothing to lose and our forex training can change your life”. This is how many fx training providers get amateurs into the forex trading game.

The truth is that you have much to lose:

  • money,
  • time,
  • belief in

What exactly is forex trading?

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Trading in foreign exchange is the buying and selling of two currencies, or money denominations of two countries.

Forex trading is based on the difference in the value of the two currencies (currency pair) and how …


Triangle Breakout Strategy

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Patterns are valuable aids for any trader in identifying possible edges based on what chart patterns have a possibility of occurring.

The trader should understand that certain chart patterns keep on occurring due to the fact that traders make decisions …


Trend and range in forex trading

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What is a range in forex trading?
Range on forex chart

A range is price movement within a range of obvious highs and lows (resistance and support), and it is depicted on a chart as an image of sideways price movement.

  • The highs and

Break-out strategies

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Flat top triangle

There are just as many breakout strategies as there are patterns on fx charts, and as many versions of what a breakout is as there are pattern boundaries.

But they all centre around the breaking of some form of support …


Risk management in fx trading

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Risk control is the most important aspect of forex trading

Successful forex traders will tell you that risk control is the most important aspect of trading.

It is the one technical tool that every trader has, that ensures that he …


Master Candle trading strategy

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A master candle (or mother bar) trading opportunity occurs where four subsequent candles form inside a preceding candle (the master candle), and the 5th to 7th candles break out of the range created by the master candle’s high and low.…