Fx resources that could help in your trading

This list is not a recommendation or promotion of sources and I do not necessarily use them myself, as it may not fit my style or personality. Pick and use what works for you.

With the cacophony of Fx “gurus” trying to sell the novice their software, training, courses, books, videos and money making strategies, the free resources on the Internet is sometimes one’s salvation.

This is a list of Fx sources which I used in my research. They all contributed to a lesser or larger extent to my understanding of the business of trading.

In my experience, the would-be trader will benefit form an attitude that not one source or person can be the answer to all their trading difficulties for all time. The stage you are in your trading career and, the difficulties you experience at any given time, dictates which author or trainer and which book, trainer or video is the stepping stone to the next stage of your trading development.

Don’t read/watch and forget. Go back every time you feel you need knowledge, because every time you re-read the book or watch the video again, you gain new insights.

Trading books

  • Trading in the Zone – Mark Douglas: This book turned out to be the game changer for me, mainly because I experienced intense emotions around every single trade I took when I started out. I compiled a list from my notes of Mark Douglas quotes which may benefit you.
  • The Disciplined Trader – Mark Douglas: A book which should be compulsory reading for novice traders, because it gives insight into the psychology of self-discipline and helps in the transformation from a wannabee to a successful trader. Do not skip the Preface of the book.
  • Market Wizards (Interviews with top traders)- Jack D Schwager
  • Pit Bull – Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Trader – Martin Schwartz
  • Trader Vic – Methods of a Wall Street Master – Victor Sperandeo
  • Boy Plunger – Jesse Livermore: The Man Who Sold America Short in 1929
  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Edwin Lefevre
  • Trading Psychology – Tools and Techniques for Minding the Market – Brett N Steenbarger
  • Trade like a stock market wizard – Mark Minervini

Trading videos

Trading websites and blogs

Other forex trading resources

Edgewonk – Probably the best trading journal available. It is difficult to explain the advantages of the diary, but take it for a test drive via their free trial opportunity. Its main value for the novice trader is probably that it teaches the right trading habits form the start.

If Edgewonk is too much trouble for you and you are in a rush to make money, accept good advice: do not even start Fx trading.

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