Should a trader act like Trump?

Trade like Trump

Pres Trump appears to be a person who reacts with stubbornness when he feels that he is prescribed to.

He would probably describe it as “decisive”, “adamant” or “backbone”. Should you strive to be like him?

Then you could easily be trumpificated*.

In forex and other trading most people would advise you not to follow his example, because stubbornness and an inability to follow advice, works against trading success. The characteristic of following your own head may be good in many areas of life, but in trading it can lose you a lot of money.

That is because the market follows its own head, and the market is much stronger that any individual.

You should follow your own convictions only if it is based on solid interpretation and evaluation of the markets.

Read how 3 investors made a billion Dollars and observe what they based their decisions on.

If you, however, are stubborn because that is your nature or how you do business, the market can and will trim you to size.

Unhealthy bullheadedness in a way that a person aggressively fights off any action that looks like it is aimed at manipulating, creates a person who becomes open to manipulation. The reason for that is because stubbornness makes a person predictable because anyone that knows about his stubbornness, can create a situation where he knows exactly how his target will react.

Trump is easy to manipulate.

Trump’s tweets analyzed by software

How Trump thinks

A manipulable President.

How Putin made Trump his “puppet.”

What a body language expert says about Obama and Trump meeting.

Pres. Trump is probably one of the most observed presidents in the world.


When a trader becomes emotional, be it from a losing trade, an out-of-stock favourite lunch at the chicken take-away, a crying baby at home, or marital difficulties, he will be well-advised to stop trading until his emotions have settled.

The reason for this advice is that the market does not know you exist. Nor does it care. The market is a collection of all trades that take place in all markets. As such, the market will take your money if you want to prove how clever, strong, big, aggressive or stubborn you are.

Revenge action may be good in crime or politics, but revenge trading is a sure recipe for disaster.

Choose your trading strategy, trade on it, forget how you think the market is going to react, separate yourself from the trade, wait to see how it turns out. Repeat.

Don’t allow anything or anyone (especially the market) to trumpificate you.

(*Trumpificate is a word I invented and is not the same as trumpified, it rather means that your weaknesses make you manipulable.)

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