Traders4Traders, a forex training provider started by a former Citibank Chief FX trader, Brad Gilbert.

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Brad Gilbert
CEO & Founder of Traders4Traders

T4T has been in existence for just over 10 years and specialise in forex training and trading.

Before you read on, I suggest you watch the four free videos, “How bankers trade forex“. It will give you an idea whether you can relate to what Traders4Traders do, and how they do it.

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Traders4Traders is well aware of the problem of so-called gurus and the difficulty prospective traders have in choosing the right mentor.

Their attitude is to approach forex trading from the side of the retail trader, and to provide training aimed at the unique circumstances of a retail trader. They want to solve the problems that retail traders deal with during every trading session.

These difficulties are:

Inadequate trading education – currency trading education needs to take into account that over 90% of forex trading is done by banks, so that needs to be the focus of the training. You need to know how banks trade.

Isolation – retail traders are mostly individuals who trade alone from home. They do not have a support structure of other traders with whom they can exchange views. The retail trader must do her own research and every trade is a decision with only one individual who takes all responsibility for the trade.

Keeping to the rules – the number one reason why retail traders fail. Because the retail trader is the only decision maker who does not have the luxury of other traders around who can act as catalysts, it is a frequent occurrence that retail traders break their own rules. Rule breaking is the biggest contributor to money loss.

Insight – memorising trading strategies is not the requirement for success. Understanding the currency traded is more important.

Risk management – the main reason why nearly 100% of amateur retail traders lose their initial capital, is non existing or inadequate risk management.

These four factors combined, destroy more novice traders than anything else.

Traders4Traders has a solution with forex education that offers

  • the highest quality,
  • complete,
  • actionable,
  • training that is aimed at helping the retail trader overcome these obstacles.

Their training creates a belief in the trader that success is possible and they provide the tools and resources to make it happen.

How do Traders4Traders do it?

They use the “tribe” concept as a learning process where their employees and retail traders all contribute educational content and support for the individual trader.

The Traders4Traders process is based on:
  • zero to hero process – support from beginner stage to the live trading floor
  • forex education – teaching traders to trade like bank traders
  • mentoring – because there is no one-size-fits all trading solution, mentoring that enables the individual trader to find their own, unique trading path to success
  • transparency – sharing trading ideas and providing transparency in their relationship with service providers
  • principles – training is based on enduring principles that ensures consistency despite changes in time and circumstance
  • proven performance – a history of more than 28 years of successful trading
  • results – if services and products deliver inadequate results, it is adapted until it works for the trader
  • risk – forex trading is management of risk. Long term success is based on intelligent risk taking and disciplined risk management. Disciplined risk management creates low-risk high-probability trades.
  • honesty – Traders4Traders do not promise forex trading to be a get rich quick scheme. They do aim at providing students with a long term, rewarding future.
  • sustainable growth – achieve long term growth by continuously adapting to market changes.

The ultimate aim of Traders4Traders is to educate retail forex traders so they can become long term, successful traders.

Traders4Traders courses:

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