What are the best sources for learning forex trading?

The best sources for learning to trade forex are those that teach you what you need to be successful.

It must not teach you how to be successful, but what you need to be successful. There is a slight difference.

Forex trading gurus who sell a ‘secret” or a fool-proof system which you only need to follow to be successful, sell the idea that they can make you successful. It mostly does not happen because it transfers the responsibility for success from the trader to a system.

A source that teaches you what is needed to be successful, is a source that probably has something worth selling and are wort following.

You will find these sources on the Internet, and they usually have a proven track record and teaches insight into the market, rather than tricks and so-called secrets which promises to make the road to success easy and guaranteed.

Trading is not easy and success cannot be guaranteed.

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