How to trade forex

for beginners

The first question people ask after they have seen the videos and read the hype about how much money forex traders claim to make, is ‘how can I learn to trade forex’?

The fact that easy money is the incentive for people to start trading explains why only about 2% of traders really make a profit after costs. But no warning that forex trading is not what it seems to be, will discourage people once they are told what they want to hear, so here we go.

We don’t say you should never pay someone for good mentoring, or to participate in a trading group where a successful trader shares her knowledge and trade with her members.

We do say that we live in the technological era where information is as far as Google. By researching forex trading, would-be traders can get far enough to be able to trade in a manner that grows their trading funds.

The reason why most traders are not profitable is not because they don’t get training, it rather is because they believe the hype about “easy” money and expect to be profitable without much effort or by merely following a system. Before you spend your trading money on training or trading software, do the footwork.

Anything worthwhile in life comes only after effort and dedication. Why would forex trading be any different?

Why do you want to trade forex?

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WHy do you want to trade forex?
WHy do you want to trade forex?
WHy do you want to trade forex?

WHy do you want to trade forex?

Once you have researched forex trading deep enough to form a good idea of what it entails, you will realise what is needed for successful fx trading.

This website provides enough information and sources to keep you busy for quite a while, and this is only the basics of what you need to know.

If you believe some rich guy will share a secret with you for a hefty fee , you will lose your money, because your thinking is flawed.

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